With skilled technicians, colour management systems, and top of the line colour equipment, TR Trades generates consistent colour reproductions on a variety of small format mediums. Our high speed printers’ dry toner eliminates post-print drying time, allowing us to meet our customers’ most strenuous deadlines.

Our newest line of printers purchased in January 2021 are the 1st installed in BC! With advanced RIP stations, our new equipment will render your images crisper and in higher detail than other printers available on the market.

If you need extremely high-quality small format printing, with increased sharpness, detailed shadows, and bright highlights, try TR Trades Small Format Digital Printing today!

TR Trades now also offers BEYOND CMYK printing. With the ability to print colours such as:

Silver / Gold / White / Clear / and Fluorescents!  For more information email us at and we will send you the full Graphic Design and File Preperation Guidelines.

Or call us to inquire 604-736-4571 x 2


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Request Samples

TR Trades offers hundreds of products for a variety of applications! Visit our finishing and product pages and request specific samples or let us know what industry you’re in and we will send you a customized sample package to suit your industries’ needs.

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