Environmentally Friendly Products for our Customers

We offer sustainable mounting material alternatives to Foamcore: Enviromount, White Enviromount, Brown Enviromount, Enviroslim.

Carefully Selected Vendor

A key part of TR Trades’ environmental initiatives is knowing that our suppliers have the same values as us. Through years of careful cultivation, we have obtained a secure balance of high quality machines and services while preserving our environmental initiatives.

Internal Eco-friendly Processes

Our staff are engaged daily in our sustainability initiatives.
  • We provide 100% recycled paper towels, toilet paper and environmentally friendly hand soap in all of our washrooms.
  • In our lunchroom we recycle all cans, plastics, and cardboards.
  • Reusable dishes and cutlery in our lunchroom.
  • We use fluorescent and LED lighting throughout the store with motion sensors.
  • We turn off lights, monitors and machines at night.
  • Our delivery vehicles have excellent fuel economy allowing us to efficiently coordinate deliveries and pickups to ensure the lowest possible carbon emissions.
  • We host an in-house intranet to reduce paper waste and increase efficiency.
  • We recycle all toner cartridges from our large and small format printers.
  • We recycle all soft and hard plastics.
  • TR Trades partnered with Urban Impact and their Zero Waste recycling program in 2005. Since then, we have diverted considerable volumes of material, reducing our environmental footprint. Below, find the annual breakdown of waste we have diverted from landfills:

    202110,759 kg32.7 t
    202012,691 kg38.3 t
    201920,408 kg63.6 t
    201815,450 kg55.8 t
    201720,102 kg62.1 t
    201615,900kg57.4 t
    201516,974 kg61.3 t
    201418,744 kg67.7 t
    201317,876 kg64.5 t
    201217,510 kg63.2 t
    201117,200 kg63 t
    2010268 yd³44.3 t
    2009842 yd³126 t
    2008842 yd³126 t
    2007842 yd³139 t
    2006842 yd³139 t
    2005717 yd³115 t

    We want to help you be green too!

    We want to help you be green too! As a major producer of recyclables, TR Trades has partnered with multiple recycling depots in order to minimize potential waste contribution. We extend our recycling services to our loyal clients who may not have enough waste to justify recycling services of their own.

    We will pick up and recycle a variety of our clients’ printing waste, such as:
  • Soft plastics, including plastic bags from your paper plotters
  • Hard plastics, such as the circular ends of your plotter cores
  • Cardboard tubes and cores
  • Old drawings
  • Give your recycled waste to our drivers and they will bring it to our recycling facilities!

    TR Trades Reproduction Ltd.

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    Mon to Thurs 7:30am to 9:00pm
    Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm
    Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
    After hours printing available!