Mission Statement

We strive to continually earn the trust of our clients with fast, reliable service and the highest standards for our printed products.



Superior Customer Service

We believe in customer satisfaction throughout everything we do. From the design of our online systems to the delivery of our products, customer service is at the core of our business. Our staff are trained to go above and beyond with every customer interaction. The foundation of our customer service is that our team truly care about what they produce as well as the customers they are producing it for. These interactions foster invaluable relationships with our clients.


Employee Empowerment

Our team is our most valuable asset and we encourage them to think outside the box to produce ideas and solutions that benefit the greater good. As each and every job we process has unique specifications, our employees must use their judgement and industry experience to recognize when to contact the customer if they believe something may be incorrect. This helps our employees feel engaged with our customers and the industry, recognizing that they are an integral part of the very important projects our customers have us print every day.



We strive for absolute quality throughout every service we offer, wanting our customers to be 100% satisfied with the finished product every time they receive it. If there is something produced at a lesser than expected quality, our customers are encouraged to call us so that we can understand where the difference in perception lays and address the distinction directly.



The moment you enter TR Trades you will understand why teamwork is a fundamental value of our company. We operate an open concept shop, with no walls or barriers between our departments and customers. All our staff are cross trained in a variety of departments so they can fluidly transition to where they are needed and produce projects that require proficiency in a variety of skills, equipment and tools. Communication between our team and our customers is integral to our success.



The nature of the printing industry is such that we have a large impact on the environment; TR Trades is thoroughly aware of this responsibility. We have implemented best practices in sustainable development throughout every aspect of our business. We work with our suppliers to acquire sustainable products and employ various recycling programs for our clients. Sustainability plays a role in all of our company goals and initiatives.



The reprographics industry is in a constant state of change, requiring our management team to continuously source top of the line equipment along with the newest software technology. With a rapidly growing industry, equipment can lose its traction quickly; therefore, remaining ahead of the curve by sourcing the latest and greatest for our customers is an integral value for our success.



In a world of constant change, we believe innovation drives success. Through regular initiatives such as industry research, annual trade show conventions and listening to the needs of our clients, we are able to continue to lead the trade printing industry with new products and strategies.

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