Why Laminate?


Lamination acts as a form of protection for your projects, preserving their condition, and extending the life of the project. In addition to improving the project’s sturdiness and water resistance, lamination enhances its overall appearance. Laminate frequently used materials to ensure proper sanitization!



Perfect for:
⦁ Restaurant menus
⦁ Educational materials
⦁ User manuals
⦁ Store signage



TR Trades Lamination Services

⦁ Same day and next day lamination services!
⦁ Double sided lamination up to 50” wide by any length
⦁ Single sided lamination up to 50” by any length
⦁ Small format pouch lamination
⦁ Dry erase laminating
⦁ Glossy, Matte, and Anti-Graffiti Laminates
⦁ Small runs or large production runs




Gloss lamination brings a shine or “wet” finish to projects, allowing colours to truly pop with added contrast and sharpness. There is potential for glare depending on lighting.


Matte lamination offers discreet protection with a soft, glare-free appearance. A matte finish can add a luxurious edge to projects.


Investing in anti-graffiti laminating guarantees the protection of your projects from a variety of stains and chemicals. Repeated defacing can easily be removed without damaging the project.

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