Vinyl Cutting Services

Experience the precision and versatility of our vinyl cutting services. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship, we transform self-adhesive films into intricate designs that elevate your branding and decor.

Micro-Cutting Capabilities:

Our cutting plotters boast micro-cutting capabilities, enabling intricate details previously unimaginable. With precision at every cut, even the most complex designs are achieved effortlessly.

Enhanced Designs and Creativity:

Discover how our cutting technology enhances your designs. From detailed lettering to complex shapes, unleash your creativity with ease.

Customer Satisfaction:

Seamless design from concept to installation.

With a team of specialists (designers, customer service, installers), TR Trades is your one-stop shop for all your vinyl installation needs.

Vinyl can be used in a variety of industries from manufacturing to interior design. Please fill out the form above, and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you shortly.


  • Interior office and home decoration applications: cupboards and walls
  • Window vinyl: office glass, glass dividers, or storefront applications
  • Wayfinding signage for transportation
  • Vehicle wrapping or branding
  • Boat graphics
  • Manufacturing equipment decals
  • Branding appliances such as fridges, desks, or electrical boxes
  • Branding events for vases, tables, elevators, or walls
  • Application on metal, plastic, acrylic, painted wood, or other materials
  • Stickers, decals, wall murals

Vinyl Options:

TR Trades carries a variety of vinyl depending on your specific application:

  • Shape Cut Printed Vinyl (Labels, decals, etc.)
  • Shape Cut Solid Color Vinyl (Ex. Black, Red, Blue, Green, etc.)
  • Transparent Vinyl (includes printing & cutting)
  • Frosted Vinyl (variety of shades)
  • Gloss or Matte Lamination for additional protection

Window Vinyl Tip:

When discussing vinyl onto glass, it is good to know if you want a first surface application or second surface application. What application you choose will decipher how your artwork needs to be set up for the printer and cutter:

  • First Surface Application, also referred to as Standard Cut: applying the vinyl to the outside of the glass facing out
  • Second Surface Application, also referred to as Reverse Cut: applying the vinyl to the inside of the glass facing out

Discover Our Cutter Video:

For a firsthand look at the capabilities of our Trangential Cutter, we invite you to explore our S3 Product Video on YouTube. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the cutter in action, showcasing its precision and versatility.

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