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AES Engineering LtdElectrical Engineering and Lighting DesignVancouver, BCSunny G.

AES Engineering Ltd provides electrical engineering and lighting design service for building construction projects.

We sat down with Sunny Ghataurah, President of AES, on how TR Trades has helped his company in their mission to Design a Better Tomorrow.

Originally, AES was working with a number of suppliers for their print and reproduction needs. After working with TR Trades, it was an easy choice to consolidate all services. Sunny recounts, “the preference with the team was to go just to TR based on delivery, based on comfort, based on the fact they just come through!” 

Almost a decade later, and TR Trades is still the go-to printing vendor for the growing engineering firm. “Everything goes to TR”, Sunny notes, “in the multiples of hundreds, if not thousands of jobs per year”.

Why does Sunny and his team have so much faith in TR Trades? “TR Trades has come through for our entire team”, recounts Sunny, “and they always get it done.” According to Sunny, “They’re a partner to work with on a good day, on a bad day. They’re a partner and they come through. And when they can’t, they work with us on finding solutions.”

We service clients. We don’t manufacture cars or widgets or anything that we can physically manufacture. We produce paper and we deliver our expertise and TR Trades help us come through on it.

“We have grown significantly as a firm”, says Sunny, “and TR Trade has grown with us.” Over the course of eight years that AES has worked with TR Trades, the engineering firm has expanded from a small team to over 100 employees. TR Trades has been able to keep up the demand for production, work in different cities, such as Calgary and Victoria, and work with different types of production, from handouts to proposals to architectural drawings. “They’ve kept up with our growth and our demand. So we’re quite happy working with them.

“If I were to summarize TR Trades in a word, I’d call them reliable. Always. ” Sunny notes, “AES is in the deadline business,” and TR Trades comes through “even at the 11th hour.” And to Sunny, that “is how partnerships work. Perfect. Thank you.”


Polygon HomesConstruction
Vancouver, BCArzu D.

Polygon Construction Management Ltd is a homebuilder in British Columbia for over four decades.

When it comes to complex tower projects where every last detail is critical, Construction Coordinator Arzu Dinc told us there’s nobody that Polygon trusts more than TR Trades.

“I never hesitate when I send an order to them because I receive the confirmation right away, and if there’s anything wrong, they call me and then we fix things.”

With many ongoing projects that require hundreds of drawings and dozens of sets, Polygon relies on the speed and accuracy of the TR Trades team to keep them on track.

“They check the drawings page by page, they call us back if they find something wrong,” Arzu says,

 highlighting the professionalism of the TR Trades team.

“We may miss,” she adds, “but they don’t miss.”

hcma Architecture + DesignArchitectureVancouver, BCDarryl C.

hcma is an architectural and design firm with offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Victoria.

To Darryl Condon, a Managing Principal at hcma, quality and consistency are critical for a business relationship, which is why his team has been trusting TR Trades for the past 25 years.

“For us, TR Trades has been one of our longest-lasting and most trusted relationships of all of our suppliers or consultants, and that’s really important as we’ve grown.”

With the nature of their fast-paced environment, hcma values being able to submit their last-minute drawings knowing that TR Trades will be looking them over carefully before printing.

“So many times they’ll phone up the office and say, ‘oh, I think there’s an error on this sheet, I think you’ve got the page numbering wrong, or you’ve missed a drawing sheet.’ It’s because they’re paying attention and they’re double-checking, and I know our project teams really appreciate that attention to detail.”

With technology having changed so much over the years, Darryl and the hcma team have appreciated TR Trades adopting new procedures and equipment to continue leading the reprographics industry. “I’ve never felt that they were behind, in fact I’ve always felt they were just enough ahead of us to pull us along as technology’s changed.”

The bottom line for Darryl and hcma is that they need their work to appear at its best, and the bottom line is that’s what TR Trades does best.
“We’ve always felt that people at TR Trades have been here for us and they concern and really care about how we appear to our clients, helping us look good.”

RH ArchitectsArchitectureVancouver, BCBryce R.

RH Architects is an award winning, mid-size Architecture firm based in Vancouver, BC.

When we spoke with Bryce Rositch, owner and founding partner of RH Architects Inc, he told us he’s always relied on TR Trades to keep pace with his office’s deadline-driven environment. With dozens of multi-family residential projects underway every year, Bryce’s team appreciates their worry-free relationship with TR Trades.

“It’s so important to have that reliability, that you don’t have to wonder whether they’re going to meet the deadline and whether they’re going to compile things properly. We just have great confidence that it’s going to be done and we don’t even have to worry about it.”

After 25 years and hundreds of crucial deadlines, Rositch Hemphill knows that TR Trades will always have the capacity and technology to grow with them and keep them at the top of their field.

eta landscape architecture

Jocelle S.

Our whole company loves you guys, we always talk about how prompt, happy, thoughtful and detail oriented you all are. Thank you so much for everything. I really can’t think of how you could improve. You are magical elves!!!

Ron Rule Consultants

Kim S.

Love you folks. Always so helpful & super fast. You are obviously a great company to work for too – so many long term employees & everyone is always cheery. Keep it up! Another 50 years more!!!

Euro Crew Strata Care

Arkadiusz L.

Absolutely one of the most friendliest places to visit. Always greeted and asked if I’ve been helped by anyone seeing me for the first time. Keep it up!

Gisela G.      

Came in Sat Dec 14th & both of these 2 women were great: Keltie – welcoming, started process, helped throughout. Jasmine – helped with a few glitches on CD cover which she’d never done, now a pro! Thanks to them both!

Pam F.      

TR Trades has exceeded my expectations! From start to finish, the service and attention I’ve received from both Michael and Martin has been remarkable. They have shown amazing patience and given freely of time and suggestions in order to maximize my projects outcome and to minimize its costs. Other employees who have helped my in smaller ways have been similarly attentive to me. In addition, I have overheard several employees in their approach to other customers, some with projects even smaller than mine, with the same service attitude. TR Trades “walks the talk” of customer service. The world needs more businesses with such attitude. Thank you very much!

Creekhouse Industries David

Your customer service is superb. Congratulations of 50 years of great service

P+A Thaddeus

Thanks for helping me meet my deadlines! You guys are great and do great work. We appreciate you all!

AES Engineering Ltd. Rikesh

I appreciate the effort TR Trades puts in in order for AES to receive drawings in a timely manner. I feel you are more reliable than our in-house plotter

CSA Kelly

Amazing customer service for the past 20+ years I have been coming to TR Trades. Thank you!

Haida Art Clarence

Continued great service and friendly people. Over 25 years as an artist and TR always makes my day. Robert has a good personality and is very helpful!

AES Engineering Ltd. Gurinder

Thanks for your amazing service, and getting me the drawings on time everytime!

Francl Architecture Marta

Thanks for all your hard work contacting our mistakes before the print. Best service in the city!

Polygon Homes Nicole M.

I just wanted to say how AWESOME TR Trades is!! I sent in a job last night at around 5:45pm—it was urgent as we realized we needed it right away and I requested it for 10:30am this morning. It arrived at 10am looking perfect and exactly what we need for an event we have today. This isn’t a one off—you guys always come through for us like this and I keep meaning to say thank for all the hard work. TR Trades’ reliability is second to none and we will continue to send all these jobs to you because you never disappoint. Thanks for always making us look good to our buyers, clients, investors, etc!!

ABC Imaging Sean G.

TR Trades comes through quickly and consistently—always. Thank you!

Andrew I. Davis Designs Andrew D.

Thanks for the great customer service all year long!

Ashley Pryce Interior Design Sean H.

I have had great service with you and your staff. It is fantastic to have personal attention from you and whenever there are miscommunications they are dealt with promptly. Your staff is always more than accommodating to our needs. The quality of the end product is better than what we receive from your competitors. Please give you and your staff a pat on the back for how well you make us look

Ciccozzi Architecture Inc  

Challenging elevations with detailed hatches/patterns print clearly.

Cityspaces Consulting Ltd. Colette P.

Just wanted to say kudos to you and your crew for all your hard work on the boards that were developed for the Richmond Garden City Lands project. They looked fantastic! We had probably 700 people out over the course of the day. The vinyl adhesive on coroplast with the six grommets to attach the boards to the fence worked wonderfully in the outdoor venue. It ended up being a great event. The Mayor of Richmond, the City Manager, the Parks Manager and the Project Manager were all thrilled with the way the boards looked and how the event went. Again, thanks to all for your hard work. The care and attention to detail showed.

Loy Leyland Architect Inc Loy. L.

Best service and teamwork imaginable! Thanks for keeping us out of (printing) trouble!

Nigel Baldwin Architects  

We are constantly amazed by your consistently friendly and efficient service under pressure. We also appreciate all of the times you’ve gone out of your way to provide extra services—for instance, providing kraft paper and plastic bags for rolled drawings, printing photographs for John’s birthday and especially, producing our Christmas cards. Ours this year was particularly labour intensive and yet it came back beautiful, and on time, at the busiest time of year. We don’t know how you do it! Thanks for your years of excellent service.


I had asked TR to restore a large rare Warhol Photo photo from 1969 with extensive water damage etc. They were in constant contact sending proofs for my comments. The end result was fabulous!! Kevin really paid attention to detail and my requests!!!
Peter Chutter
Peter Chutter
Great customer service, helpful, and nice staff. Great quality and reliable service. They offer students a 20% discount.
Zhila Heidarian
Zhila Heidarian
Geoffrey Husmillo
Geoffrey Husmillo
TR has very specialized print equipment that allows our printed media to stand out from the rest and get noticed! We trust TR with all of our print and graphic design requirements; from the design and decal of our company vehicles to the design, print and direct shipment to our clients of product presentations. We send over a few ideas and they do the rest!
Hydracore Drills Ltd.
Hydracore Drills Ltd.
Patrick Conner
Patrick Conner
Have been using TR trades a few times for student work and printing out reference books. 20% off for students and they are always very helpful! Highly recommend!
ed hunt
ed hunt
They were so reactive and had everything ready for me despite a very tight (same day) turnaround!! And great result! :D
Claire Casanova
Claire Casanova
Jeremy Laird
Jeremy Laird

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