CAD Printing Solutions
(Colour and B+W)

Superior Quality

Architects, engineers, contractors and designers rely on TR Trades to produce superior quality large format drawings. At TR Trades, we print your CAD files on high-speed state of the art color and B+W plotters. Whether half size, full size, or scaled per your request, our award-winning printers, matched with TR Trades customized processing software, allow for speed and precision with every print. We know how long our customers spend on their drawings, which is why we are committed to producing unparalleled quality products. Our processes define line weights and subtle shading areas for crisp and precise reproductions.

CAD Printing, drawings, blueprints

Document Distribution

Trust TR Trades to accurately separate jobs for your consultants and sub trades, and coordinate your split deliveries. With five in-house fleet vehicles including a robust quality control and delivery system, TR Trades’ dispatch team can have your drawings wrapped, labelled and delivered faster than having them couriered to your final destination.

Deliwery of CAD Printing, drawings, blueprints

High capacity and fast turn around

TR Trades is the most trusted when it comes to large capacity, fast turnaround B+W and colour printing. Having the capacity to print over 2000 B+W “D” size prints per hour, you can count on TR Trades to meet your tight deadlines and seemingly impossible print requests.

Ordering Made Easy

TR Trades’ online order system, Direct FTP, is the most efficient way to send instructions and files for printing.

Direct FTP was developed as an easy to use online ordering system that allows clients to log in and submit an order from any computer with an Internet connection. It has replaced email orders and old Repro Desk technology. TR Trades’ Direct FTP form is easy to complete with convenient drop down menus for paper selection, size, format, delivery options, etc.


Our Prints vs the Competition

See the difference. Our machines easily render defined line weights and subtle shading areas.

CAD Printing, drawings, blueprints Comparison with competitors

TR Trades print

CAD Printing, drawings, blueprints Comparison with competitors

Competitors print

Specialty Media

We stock a wide variety of specialty media for your upcoming projects:



  • Waterproof and tear-proof media for your job site
  • Mylar:

  • 4 mil translucent media
  • Typically used for overlays
  • Vellum:

  • 20lb translucent media
  • Thinner than mylar
  • Typically used for overlays
  • Presentation Bond:

  • 32lb heavy bond
  • Typically used for cover sheets or important drawing sets, sketches or other images
  • Colored Bonds:

  • Yellow, green, blue or pink
  • Typically used to distinguish between various permit and construction issues
  • Standard Sizes

    Full Size

    24″x36″ ARCH D

    22″x34″ ANSI D




    18″x24″ ARCH C


    17″X22″ ANSI C




    11″X17″ Tabloid

    8.5″x14″ Legal

    8.5″x11″ Letter

    Metric Sizes

    A-0 (33.1″x46.8″)

    A-1 (23.4″x33.1″)

    A-2 (16.5″x23.4″)

    A-3 (11.7″x16.5″)

    A-4 (8.27″x11.7″)

    B-1 (27.8″x39.4″)



    Paper Edge Bind


    Black Tape Bind

    Chicago Screws


    20lb Standard Bond

    24lb Coated Bond

    Yellow Bond

    Green Bond

    Blue Bond

    Pink Bond



    Clear Acetate


    Copytuff (waterproof)

    TR Trades Lamination Services

    Lamination acts as a form of protection for your projects, preserving their condition, and extending the life of the project. In addition to improving the project’s sturdiness and water resistance, lamination enhances its overall appearance. Laminate frequently used materials to ensure proper sanitization!

    Customers Reviews

    ...we feel fortunate to be working with Carla and her team of dedicated staff to help us deliver a quality print set for our clients.”
    Elaine Chong
    AES Engineering Ltd
    I work with TR Trades for one reason – peace of mind. They meet critical deadlines and get the work done on time, and within budget...
    Elizabeth Starr
    Simon Fraser University

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    We can accommodate your requests—trust us with high capacity printing in almost any size.

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