Adaptive CMYK+ technology by Xerox makes it easy to add more visual “wow!” and inspiration into your print. Add high-value enhancements, stick to budgets and timelines with the use of Vivid and Fluorescent Toner kits. Introduce fluorescent or metallic, white and clear embellishments to any elements, create eye-catching colourful prints that glow under UV light! 



Bring your prints to life

TR Trades has digital printing services that will give your work a competitive edge. With our industry-leading new line of small format colour digital printers, your prints look more realistic than ever before!

With our new Beyond CMYK Printer, designers can broaden their horizons with millions of colours outside the traiditional CMYK spectrum. Give your work a brand new look with Gold, Silver, White and Clear ink. Each of our Vivid Toner Kit colours can be used to create stunning spot effects or layered on top of your base CMYK art. Our Metallic toners contain reflective metallic pigments that deliver true sparkle and shine, amplifying your designs. And you aren’t limited to only one enhancement colour per job; adaptive CMYK+ loads four Vivid Toners at the same time.

Use Gold, White, Silver and Clear Vivid Kit Toners to add immediate, cost-effective value to graphics and text.

Get ready to glow! With Fluorescent Toners!


Create stunning specialty effects with Fluorescent Toners!

Catch more eyes with Fluorescent spot colours or blend with CMYK and  get an extra colourful prints that glow under UV light!

Add spots of Fluorescent Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and boost with Black elements to create combinations of thousands of new colours.


Process printing, commonly referred to as CMYK or four-colour printing is a way of combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colour in various combinations and proportions to create nearly any colour. This mixture of different inks will form various colours, shades and hues, that when looked from up close will look like many overlapping dots.


Spot printing is a process of premixing colours before printing. Accurately measured amounts are added to a base, then mixed together to create a perfect match to a Pantone colour swatch. This will create smooth single colour instead of a blend of multiple dots. Spot printing method provides consistency when unique colours or precision are of concern.



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Inks:Fluorescent Cyan, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Yellow, Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, White and Clear.
Media Weight:52-400 gsm, or 16lb bond up 145lb cardstock
Media Size:From 3.9×5.7″ up to 13×26″ sheet size
Media Types:Coated and uncoated papers, bright papers, labels, business cards, glossy brochures, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, tabs, embossed, polyesters and custom solutions
Mixed-stock jobs supported
Speed:80 pages/minute

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