Current Sponsorships

TR Trades is dedicated to fostering a community where altruism and philanthropy are at the forefront. Having operated in Kitsilano, Vancouver since 1969, we care greatly about our community and the people we have grown with for over 52 years. We offer our continued support to multiple organizations and non-profits, contributing to the advancement of Vancouver.

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Arts Club

The Arts Club Theatre has devoted themselves to enhancing the Vancouver theatre community for more than 50 years. As the largest theatre in Western Canada with 3 beautiful venues — Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Granville Island Stage, and Revue Stage — the Arts Club Theatre delivers year-round professional performances on par with New York and London. You are guaranteed to experience a range of emotions while witnessing the talent on their stages!

The Arts Club strives to maintain their mission through developing educational programs that nurture the creative passion of our local community. The Arts Club also operates student matinees, offering new learners and contributors access to their resources. Community support is integral for the Arts Club Theatre to continue their valuable work. Help us keep all three stages alive by supporting the Arts Club Theatre Company!

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Rain City Housing

RainCity Housing’s mission is to advance social equity by building upon the strengths of our community and of each individual. By providing housing and support to people living with mental illness, addiction, and other challenges, they have facilitated hope and opportunity for those that need it. Since 1982, RainCity has offered thousands of individuals within the Lower Mainland independence, improving their quality of life and providing a safe place to call home.

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Greater Vancouver Food Bank

TR Trades is a proud sponsor of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, a local non-profit providing relief to over 28,000 individuals every week through 14 meal-based locations and nearly 100 community centres within Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and North Vancouver. Their vision to ensure everyone has access to healthy, sustainable, and nutritious food.

Each holiday season, we request all gifts under our Christmas tree to be non-perishable food items for the GVFB. Our staff and customers contribute to help end hunger, and if you would like to contribute as well, please feel free to drop off any non-perishable food items under our tree during the holidays! This year, TR Trades has signed up to host a Virtual Food Drive in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank! We will match all customer donations dollar for dollar up to $10,000! Our goal is to raise $20,000 by January 31st!


Audain Art Museum

In March 2016, Michael Audain — philanthropist, art collector, homebuilder, and Chairman of Polygon Homes — partnered with Patkau Architects to build a 56,000 square foot museum to house his extensive BC art collection. The museum exhibits artists who have made major contributions to the visual art history of our region and boasts work from internationally-recognized contemporary artists, including a comprehensive Emily Carr collection. TR Trades is proudly accommodating the Audain Museum’s printing needs. We can hardly wait to witness such a momentous occasion for BC culture!

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Variety Children's Charity

The Variety Children’s Charity is an organization that TR Trades is proud to offer our continued support to. In our front lobby is a candy machine that returns all of its proceeds to VCC, which is part of their ongoing fundraising campaign that provides hope and enhances the lives of special needs children across our province.

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Aga Khan Foundation

TR Trades remains an annual supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation. The Aga Khan Foundation is a Canadian charity within the Aga Khan Development Network, a partnership of agencies spanning 30 countries that is dedicated to fostering advancement socially, economically, and culturally. These agencies share a common mission to develop living conditions and opportunities for the impoverished, regardless of their faith, gender, or origin.

Rotating Sponsorships

TR Trades’ commitment to enhancing our community through continuous philanthropic support is reflected in our daily activities and partnerships. We are proud to contribute to the following organizations in a variety of capacities.


Canadian Flowers For Food Society

Canadian Flowers for Food Society is an organization that provides fiscal, social, and confidence-instilling opportunities to the oppressed within Vancouver. Their core belief is that we should celebrate individual imperfections and support those in our community who require assistance, such as Vancouver’s homeless, elderly, and those suffering from mental health.

Canadian Flowers for Food Society partners with distributors with inexact flowers, otherwise bound for the landfill due to small imperfections, and delivers those flowers to those facing adverse circumstances. Those individuals then offer the flowers to the public for a voluntary donation amount. CFFS’s mission to help those who are easily overlooked by subsidizing flowers that are often overlooked, is an idea that we are proud to support at TR Trades.


The Binners’ Project

Everyday thousands of binners – individuals who collect recyclables and other objects of value from garbage bins – face judgement and difficulty accessing resources. The Binner’s Project works to end the stigma associated with binners and improve their economic opportunities. In combination with their Montreal-based parent organization, Coop Les Valoristes, the project has managed to make significant progress in restoring value, confidence, and self-worth to the binners’ community. TR Trades is proud to be an integral community partner with the Binner’s Project and hopes to continue to contribute to their accomplishments and success.

Prior Charitable Donations

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Breast Cancer Run for the Cure

The TR Trades family enjoys participating in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation & CIBC Run for the Cure each October! The CBCF has operated as the national leader in raising awareness and driving progress in breast cancer research since 1986. Through generous donations by supporters just like us, they have been able to improve prevention and diagnosis of breast cancer through research and public education. Together, we can all help CBCF discover a future without breast cancer!

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The Canadian Foundation for Aids Research (CANFAR) is a leader in promoting the awareness of research into all angles of HIV infection and AIDS. Annually, CANFAR’s Scientific Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing and assessing numerous research proposals to determine the most effective contribution to the international body of HIV and AIDS research.

CANFAR has relied solely on the support of corporations, groups, and individuals to raise over $18 million since opening their doors in 1987. With this support, key developments have been made that allow the risk of HIV transmission between a mother and her baby to be avoided almost entirely. In addition, a fundamental aspect of drug treatment has been identified and is keeping individuals alive today. We continue to support our community through empowering organizations like CANFAR to do the best work they possibly can, conquering the battle against AIDS one hurdle at a time.

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Byrne Creek Elementary

Over many summers at TR Trades, we have been privileged to host students from the Burnaby School District’s Byrne Creek Secondary during their work experience and apprenticeship/industry training placements. Byrne Creek students learn the daily function of the printing industry, honing real life skills by experiencing the responsibilities of a full-time job. Each student graduated from our work placement with trade experience, top tier customer service experience, and diverse knowledge that better prepares them for their future in the work force.

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Vancouver’s Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter

TR Trades is devoted to supporting Vancouver’s Rape Relief & Women’s Society in their mission to attain women’s equality. Incorporated in 1979, they are a non-profit and active force instrumental in confronting social attitudes, laws, and institutional procedures that preserve male violence against women and children.


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