TR Trades offers hundreds of products for a variety of applications and we don’t expect you to memorize them all! Visit our finishing and product pages and request specific samples or let us know what industry you’re in and we will send you a customized sample package to suit your industries needs. Popular sample requests consist of:

  • Small Format Colour Sample Book
  • Large Format Colour Sample Book
  • Mounting Board Sample Book
  • Specific products, such as wire bind
  • Specific media, such as Copytuff

We are more than happy to print your requested sample books with images you supply!

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    TR Trades places huge value on repurposing recyclable materials! Whatever plans you have in mind, we’re happy to contribute and love knowing that our materials are being put to better use. Below we’ve outlined commonly available materials and a few suggested uses.

    Scrap Paper

    Interested in obtaining free scrap paper? Every day we recycle cuts of white, yellow, green and pink 20lb excess paper as well as other varieties of media off of our Océ machines. These scraps of paper are 6.75” by 17” to 36” and ideal for arts and crafts projects or any other use you may have. These materials are perfect for daycares, schools, shelters and other facilities and we’re happy to donate them for repurposing.

    Cardboard Tubes

    We have an abundant supply of cardboard tubes (with plastic end caps available) that make for perfect transportation of drawings or arts and crafts materials for children to build forts or structures out of. These tubes are made of durable cardboard, have a 3” core, and vary in length from 18” to 36”. Whether you’re looking for one or 30, we’ve got plenty!

    White Kraft Paper (Damaged)

    Occasionally we have rolls of white kraft paper, ranging from 18” to 50”, that sustain minimal damage prior to being delivered to our shop. These damaged materials are available at discounted prices and are ideal for construction companies looking to cover their windows while completing store front renovations. Of course, white kraft paper is useful for a large variation of purposes, so if you have a use for it, don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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