Printing and Mounting Options for Presentation Boards

One of the most important aspects of presentation boards is simply how they are presented. When your boards look good, it is easier to get your point across and more people will be impressed by what you have to say. Whether an architect wanting to showcase renderings, or businessman giving a presentation to potential investors, you want your boards looking as intended. In this article, we’ll talk about printing and mounting options that will ensure the presentations on your boards look their best.

Pick a company specializing in Presentation Boards!

You may wonder what is the best printing company to use for your presentation boards. If image quality is your top concern, you want to use a company specializing in printing and mounting boards for presentations. Although a signage company may be able to print directly onto a presentation board, if quality is what you are after, make sure to receive a sample print first to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of their product.

TR Trades has been one of Canada’s leading printing service providers for decades, specializing in producing presentation boards for Architects in BC. They have two ideal media types for printing complex details and colour ranges that are difficult to capture on regular paper: Satin and Heavy Bond.

These media options are printed on TR Trades’ line of Ink Jet Aqueous Photo Printers, which offers eight inks: Chromatic Red, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Grey, Light Magenta, Matte Black and Photo Black. These inks provide unmatched colour accuracy and vivid print quality.

Pick the Right Media Type for your Presentation Boards!

As mentioned, there are two at least two different media types that can be used to print your boards. Which one will work best for you depends on what kind of board it is and the type of image or information that goes onto it.

#1 Presentation Board Media of Choice – SATIN

TR Trades ‘Satin’ is a photographic media that has been the go-to for architects in Vancouver for the last decade. It is a semi-gloss finish with an easy to manage coating that reproduces fine detail without sacrificing image quality. This media is also great for printing a range of colours and a wide colour gamut.

#2 Presentation Board Media of Choice – HEAVY BOND

TR Trades’ ‘Heavy Bond’ has a velvety texture and is perfect for those going for a flat matte finish. Clients typically choose the Heavy Bond option when their presentation is displayed in high-intensity light areas to avoid glare or reflections.

TR Trades offers other more specific options including, Coated Thin Bond, Watercolour Paper, Matte Adhesive Vinyl and Gloss Adhesive Vinyl. If clients are unsure of which media to choose, be sure to ask the TR Trades experts. The staff at TR Trades are always happy to explain the options, or show clients samples which are available at their front counter.

Mounting Options: What Presentation Board to Choose?

Once printed, it is time to mount your boards. There are many different board types that you can use as a presentation surface, but some options will work better for your project than others.

#1 Presentation Board Choice – 3/16″ MIGHTYCORE

TR Trades 3/16th Mightycore is the preferred choice of clients because of its lightweight and rigidity. It is less prone to warping than a typical Foamcore board and better suited for large images. It will not bulge or bow when mounted with a tack strip. The problem with both the Mightycore or Foamcore is that they are not environmentally friendly. They are made of petroleum-based materials that do not decompose in landfills.

#2 Presentation Board Choice – ENVIROMOUNT

ENVIROMOUNT is TR Trades sustainable alternative to Foamcore and Mightycore boards. Made with recycled content, it’s durable and easy to mount. With ¼” and ½” options available, Brown and White Enviromount boards are a great option when you want to mount something lightweight and be easy on the environment. TR Trades offers several other sustainable alternatives for you to check out here.

Consider Laminating your Presentation Board

Finally, you may want to consider laminating your boards to protect them. A one side Lamination on top of your print will provide an extra layer of protection against sticky fingers, scratches or spills. Most providers will have Gloss, Satin, or Matte Laminates to protect your presentation boards. For more information about lamination, click here.

We hope that this article has provided you with the information that you need to make an informed decision about your board printing and mounting options! If you have upcoming presentation boards to print – please send TR Trades an inquiry at or call us at 604-736-4571 x2 and we would be happy to help you.

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