Large Format Scanning Solutions

Large Format Scanning from TR Trades

TR Trades has a variety of large format scanners to accommodate your specific projects. Whether scanning large batches of old engineering drawings, maps, colour renderings or mounted boards, our qualified staff will be able to recommend the best process for your output requirements. Our team is committed to only producing scans of exceptional quality.

High Volume Services for Large Format Scanning

TR Trades has onsite storage and high capacity large format scanning equipment to transform your archival rooms into sorted digital files. Allow us to take care of labelling and outputting your files into your preferred file format. Typically clients request single and/or multipage PDF’s labelled with the project name or number, scanned at 200-400dpi. Our operators are trained to scan your drawings while preserving line optimization, continuously checking the files to ensure the line weights and shading remain true to the original.

Our high quality equipment, supported by a consistent machine service schedule, yields exceptional results—capturing details from older drawings in poor, faded or torn condition. We handle your projects with care, regularly placing fragile drawings and precious originals in specialized pouches prior to scanning. Once the job is complete, our dispatch team will return the originals to your office or securely dispose of them on your behalf.

When to use Large Format Scanning

  • Old ‘blueprints’
  • Damaged originals
  • Mylar, sepia, overlays
  • Archival storage rooms with a variety of media
  • Redline mark ups

Paying costly fees to store oversized building plans? Call our sales department today for an onsite consultation and free sample digitization.

Colour Renderings

We have a variety of large format colour scanners to accommodate your colour originals of up to 54” by any length. With quick turnarounds and the ability to save virtually any resolution and file format, you can trust TR Trades with your colour renderings. Drop off your images or call our dispatch department to pick up your originals and get started!

  • Topographic maps
  • Mounted renderings
  • Posters
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