Oversized Cards

Celebrate Big with Oversized Cards!

Elevate your message with our oversized cards measuring up to an impressive 25 x 16 inches, unrivaled in both size and impact. Folded up to a generous 12.4 x 16 inches, these cards provide ample space for your creativity to shine.

Perfect for personal occasions, these cards are more than just a gesture; they’re a memorable way to gather heartfelt wishes in advance, making any celebration truly special. For businesses, our oversized cards offer a bold statement. Whether celebrating a colleague’s birthday or retirement, or impressing new customers with a standout marketing campaign, these cards demand attention and leave a lasting impression.

Our oversized cards offer a plethora of options for cardstock and designs, ensuring the perfect fit for any occasion or recipient. With designs ranging from vibrant and colorful to elegant and sophisticated, you’ll create a memorable and impactful statement every time.

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