Print Custom Giant Cheques

Oversized giant cheques are perfect for photo media ops. Often used for charities, giveaways/contests, special events & more.


Our standard sized cheques are printed full colour, on a Glossy Adhesive Vinyl and mounted on:

  • 1.2mm Dry Erase Encapsulate Lamination (rollable)

  • Coroplast: lightweight, corrugated plastic, great for outdoor applications

  • MightyCore: dense foam product, resists warping due to temperature and humidity changes, lightweight, indoor applications only.

If you require a custom sized cheque and other mounting options, please give us a call at 604.736.8341 to place an order.

Improve Customer Satisfaction:

Utilizing printed giant cheques can enhance customer satisfaction by providing personalized recognition, creating memorable experiences, and offering photo opportunities for customers to share their excitement and pride with others.

Giant checks provide a wide range of applications:

Using printed giant cheques can be a fantastic way to add flair and impact to various events and occasions. Here’s a detailed exploration of how these oversized cheques can be effectively utilized:

Presentation at Charity Events:

Giant cheques are commonly used to present donations at charity events. Their large size makes them attention-grabbing, helping to highlight the generosity of the donor and the significance of the contribution. Whether it’s for a donation to a local charity, a fundraising campaign, or a corporate social responsibility initiative, the oversized presentation adds a sense of occasion and importance.

Award Ceremonies:

Giant cheques make for memorable awards at ceremonies honoring achievements in various fields such as sports, academics, or business. Whether recognizing the winner of a scholarship, a championship, or an employee of the year, the oversized presentation adds a touch of grandeur to the occasion, making the recipient feel truly honored and celebrated.

Photo Opportunities:

These large cheques provide excellent photo opportunities. They serve as perfect props for capturing memorable moments, whether it’s a group photo of the charity team and the donor, a snapshot of the recipient holding the award aloft, or a picture for social media to acknowledge and thank sponsors or supporters. The oversized cheques make for eye-catching images that can be shared widely, increasing visibility and engagement for the event or cause.

Marketing and PR Campaigns:

Incorporating giant cheques into marketing and PR campaigns can generate significant attention and positive publicity. Whether it’s announcing a large donation, presenting a grant to a community project, or launching a fundraising drive, the visual impact of the oversized cheque can help garner media coverage and social media buzz. It’s a creative way to showcase corporate social responsibility efforts or to highlight partnerships with charitable organizations.

Surprise Presentations:

The element of surprise can make any presentation more memorable. Imagine the delight on someone’s face when they’re unexpectedly presented with an oversized cheque. Whether it’s a surprise scholarship for a deserving student, a grant for a struggling nonprofit, or a bonus for an outstanding employee, the dramatic presentation adds an extra layer of excitement and appreciation.

Corporate Events and Celebrations:

Giant cheques can also be used at corporate events and celebrations to mark significant milestones such as reaching fundraising goals, achieving sales targets, or celebrating company anniversaries. They serve as tangible symbols of success and achievement, reinforcing team spirit and motivating employees to strive for excellence.

Themed Parties and Events:

For themed parties or events with a financial or fundraising theme, giant cheques can serve as decorative elements or interactive props. Whether it’s a casino night fundraiser, a financial literacy workshop, or a corporate gala with a money-themed décor, the oversized cheques add to the atmosphere and provide guests with fun photo opportunities.

In summary, printed giant cheques are versatile and impactful tools that can be used in a variety of settings to recognize achievements, celebrate generosity, generate publicity, and create memorable experiences. Their large size and visual appeal make them effective for drawing attention, capturing moments, and reinforcing messages of appreciation, success, and community support.

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